About Club Torrevieja

Club Torrevieja was formed in October 2006 when a group of like minded enthusiasts took a leap of faith and started up the Southern Costa Blanca’s first International Car Club.

Information for members is available at the monthly meetings or/and by email. Any members that do not have email facilities can usually arrange with an Internet Café.

Aims & Objectives of the Club Torrevieja
To Continue Torrevieja’s legacy of International cooperation and integration. To provide activities involving members Vehicles. To help in the conservation of Classic Vehicles. To inform members of places able to provide spare parts. To inform members of specialists garages. To provide proof that members vehicles are classic.

Activities of the Club Torrevieja
To achieve the Aims and Objectives the Club should produce a programme to include regular meetings to keep members informed of Club Activities and provide a means for the members to have a voice in the Club. To have regular trips to give the opportunity for members to drive on the road. To have social activities to provide the means of meeting fellow members.

Category and Description of Club Members
Classic Membership the car must be at least 30 years old and must be in Spain. They are able to attend Club Meetings and vote, attend Socials and Club Dinners or displays and partake in visits and Club Drives.
Specialist Membership mass produced cars must be at least 10 years old. Kit cars and Specially produced or low volume cars can be any age. All cars must be in Spain. They are able to attend Club Meetings and vote, attend Socials, Club Dinners and displays and partake in visits and Club Drives.
Aficionado Membership are Club supporters who do not have a car in Spain. They are able to attend Club Meetings and vote, attend Socials and Club Dinners. They cannot partake on Club Drives, visits or displays unless they are in a Club Car.

Rules and Guidelines for Club Torrevieja Trips
Those that have booked to go will receive the route and time table details for the day. It is their responsibility to work out the route using maps etc. Anyone that has not pre-booked runs the risk of not being able to partake in the event. It is the individual members’ ultimate responsibility to get there and return. NB: Times, route and details may change on the day. Members must register before leaving. No responsibility is taken by the organisers.

ONLY CLASSIC AND SPECIALIST CARS MEMBERS CAN GO ON THE DRIVE BUT AFICIONADOS CAN COME TO THE MEALS IN THEIR DAILY CARS. NB: Guests and Aficionados are welcome to travel in a Classic or Specialist Car if invited to do so.

Club Statement: “It shall be the responsibility of the individual member to ensure that their vehicle complies with all aspects of E.U. and Spanish law in relation to documentation, roadworthiness and equipment carried when being used on club rallies. Whilst the club can provide advice and guidance on these matters it cannot be held responsible for, nor condone the unlawful use of a vehicle by any of its members.”