Club Committee for  2018

The Club President –  Gaynor Hall drives a Mini Cooper.
She is the main liaison with the Town hall and other clubs and associations, and organises many of the rallies/trips where our cars go on runs/display. She chairs our monthly meetings and also arranges for guest speakers.



The Vice President – Uta Kustner, has been a member of the club since 2014.
She acts as the translator for all the German members,
and helps the President as much as possible.
She is the part owner of the Mercedes W123C.


The Club Treasurer  – Norbert Drescher has been a member of the club since 2014.
He owns the Mercedes W123C 2.8 litre coupe..
He has much experience of running accounts for organisations.
From now on he will look after the finances of the Club.



Oct 2014 00001The Club Secretary–  John Wallis , now drives a Jaguar XK8 – 1998.  John is the organiser of all the meetings and maintains contact with all the members.
He is also responsible for producing minutes of meetings and maintaining the Club web-site.