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Wednesday 4th December 7.30pm

El Nacional , Avenida Mar 1,

Punta Prima, 03189.  Just off the N332.

Welcome everyone.

There were 16 members attending.

Apologies received from   –   Joely, Keith, John W, John L, Reiner, Sharon, Siggi, Karin, Jean, Frank, Uta, Mo.

Thank you to Uta for taking the meeting last month in the absence of Gaynor.  Very well done.


DGT are to release a mobile App to see licences and vehicle documents on your phone.  This is still in development.

If you store gas bottles in your car there is a maximum of  2 allowed and they must be stored upright.  Parking in underground carparks is not allowed.

Past Events

10th November, Wolfgang and Dieter organised a trip to a private museum in Roldan.  This was excellent and far better than the bike museum in Guardalest.  The exhibits were in pristine condition and very varied.  Perhaps another visit next year would be good as not enough time to do it justice. The owner Antonio was very informative and seemed to like having us there.  Antonio and his wife were invited to attend our Christmas meal but unfortunately they had a previous engagement.  The meal that followed was excellent.  The whole event was a success and thanks go to Wolfgang and Dieter.

Future Events,

Sunday the 15th December  – Christmas Party.  So far there are 38 members and guests attending.

Restaurant Rendezvous, Torreta 111, 03184.   Meet at 2pm for Cava and Canapes with lunch starting at 3pm.

The 3 course meal is 21 euros per person, but the club will subsidise members by 10 euros.

There will be singing by Richie from 4pm to 6.45pm.  And background music .

Saturday the 28th December – Inocentes Day –  The annual driving skills and mini golf day.  14.50 euros per person includes meal, golf and a tip.  Meet at Spanglish Bar at 10.30am to leave at 11am for El Raso.  Then onto Mini Golf and lunch.  Wolfgang to bring the trophy from last year.  There will be a Ladies trophy this year.


Starters. Soup of the day. Tuna Salad, Pate.

Mains. Cajun Chicken. Gammon. Scampi. Lasagne. Half rack of ribs. Hunters Chicken, Liver and onions.  All served with chips or salad.

Desert. Chocolate cake. Profiteroles. Ice cream.

Email the club your menu choices by 14th December.

Saturday,25th January 2020.   Treasure Hunt organised by Sheila and Stuart.   Details later.

February 2020.  Almond Run organised by John W.  Details later.

March 2020.  St Patricks Day.  Cabo Roig Parade.   Details later.  

Any Other Business

  The earlier start proposed last month by Reiner had no support.

The next meeting on January 8th will be held at El Nacional , Avenida Mar 1, Punta Prima, 03189.  Just off the N332. Start 7.30pm.

The Meeting closed at 19.50.

Wednesday 6th November 7.30pm

Welcome everyone, Gaynor sends her apologies, she is at the hospital with John.  Gaynor would like to welcome to the Committee, Sheila, our new secretary.

There were 24 members attending ,  and 3 guest.

Apologies received from   –   John L , Joely , Keith,  Frank & Jean,  and Mike R.


There has been a recent article about driving in the rain.  I know we do not have much rain here, although September was an exception. When driving in the rain, slow down, avoid sudden braking, avoid driving on the road markings as the car will have less grip, put your lights on. With modern cars that have daytime running lights, you also need to put your side lights on.  Be careful of any puddles or pools of water, to avoid aqua planing.

Chips or cracks in windscreens need to be fixed as soon as possible. Car Glass Spain have launched a campaign where they are offering free Bosch wiper blades with every repair or replacement windscreen between now and the 24th November.  There is a branch in Torrevieja and 2 in Murcia.

Club Valuer.  Most of you will be aware that John Lambert is the current valuer for the club.  Due to his current illness, he is no longer able to fulfill this role.  The committee met last month and it was suggested that Stuart would be suitable for this role.  Gaynor has spoken to Stuart and he is prepared to take on this role.  However if there are any other members who would like to do this, please say so.   There were no others interested so it was proposed by Gaynor and Uta and seconded by Margaret and John W that Stuart take on this role.

Past Events

We had 10 cars at the San Miguel Fiesta on 5th October.  There was a good turnout of other cars and 2 of our members won raffle prizes.  Overall it was a good few hours although the tour through the town was not very well organised.  However, it was the first time San Miguel has had classic cars as part of their fiesta, so hopefully in future years it will be a little better organised.  It was enjoyed by those participating.

The anniversary dinner was well attended, there being 37 of us including guests.  The food was great and everyone seemed to have a good evening. As a thank you for their time and work over the past year, Gaynor awarded committee members with a small gift.  As is tradition Gaynor also gave out the annual awards.  Best Serving Member went from Gerry to Stuart, the Smiler award went from Joely to Alison and the Hand of Friendship went from myself, Gaynor, to John Lambert.

Gaynor also thanked members for their support of the club over the past year and also their support on a personal level. Thank you to Margaret for helping to organise the restaurant and also thanks to Margaret and Michael for the glass of Cava we all received at the start of the meal.

Future Events,

Torrevieja Rotary Club have organised a concentration of classic cars on 9th November, to raise funds for the victims of the flooding in the Vega Baja area.  The cost is 40 euros per person.  They are meeting at 9am at Plaza de la Mata for a reception breakfast of churros and chocolate, leaving at 10am for a drive through the Vega Baja, Benijofar, Orihuela etc. Arriving in Torrevieja at 1pm where the cars will be on display until 4pm on the Paseo Vista Alegre, during which time there will be a meal and awards.  Further information is available from Gabriel on 629851724.

Sunday 10th November – Dieter and Wolfgang are organising a trip to a car/bike museum in Roldan. The club has paid 50 euros for the visit to the museum, which is privately owned.  The start time has been brought forward, so meet at Lo Monte Hotel at 10am please to pay your 20 euros, which includes a tip.  There will be a brief coffee stop during the run through the mountains at around 11.30am.  We expect to be at the museum at 1pm.  After the museum lunch will be at La Bascula at Roldan.  The trip back from San Javier on the motorway.

Sunday the 15th December  – Christmas Party.

The Rondevous,  Meet at 2pm for Cava and Canapes with lunch at 3pm.

No one requested Secret Santa.

The 3 course meal is 21 euros per person, but the club will subsidise members by 10 euros.

Please put your names on the list and take a copy of the menu.  Notify your menu choices to the club email by 5th December.

Saturday the 28th December – Inocentes Day –  The annual driving skills and mini golf day.  14.50 euros per person includes meal, golf and a tip.  Please put your name on the list.


Starters. Soup of the day. Tuna Salad, Pate.

Mains. Cajun Chicken. Gammon. Scampi. Lasagne. Half rack of ribs. Hunters Chicken.  All served with chips or salad.

Desert. Chocolate cake. Profiteroles. Ice cream.

Email the club your menu choices by 13th December.  

Any Other Business

At future meetings, when you arrive, as tonight, please go to Sheila and sign in.   If you have not yet paid your membership for next year, please do so by the next meeting on the 4th December, the last one at the Marina Club.

On the 22nd to 24th November there is an Auto Car Show at IFA Alicante and expo of used cars.

Reiner suggested that perhaps the meetings could start a little earlier in the new year.  This will be brought up at the next meeting and voted on.

We need volunteers for January and February 2020,  any offers please.

Chantal asked what the maximum distance is usually travelled for an event.

200 km was the reply but John W said the time limit was more important than the distance as we have lunch.  Woolfgang said this Sunday it is 82km to the restaurant. Thanks were given to Uta for stepping in for Gaynor.

The Meeting closed at 20.20.

Wednesday 2nd October 7.30pm

Gaynor opened the meeting at 19.30 pm and greeted the 26 members that had paid their subscription.

Apologies received from   –  Ernie & Margaret, John L , Joely , Peter, Rob Parker, Gerry & Alison.

Minutes of last AGM.

John read the minutes of last years AGM., to which there was no comment.

The minutes were agreed by all present and the President signed the minute book.

Chairman’s Report.

Gaynor  stated that it had been a good year, with 7 new members joining,  2 resigning , but unfortunately 1 (Colin) had died.

She hoped the 46 members that we currently have are happy with the way things are going and that everything would continue as is.

Gaynor proposed that 7 of the monthly rallies will be repeated in 2020, so 5 volunteers would be required for the other months.

Thanks for support over the last year were then mentioned for –

John for his secretarial and website work.                                                                                       Uta for the translation work,                                                                                                                  Norbert  for keeping the finances straight,                                                                                    Alison and Siggi   for their support as Vocals.  (you can contact them if you have an issue).  And finally,  Karin and Joely for all the photographs they had taken for the website.

Gaynor finished with a vote to another good year.

Finance Report.

Norbert reported that the club was very healthy financially. And presented all the numbers.

This information is not included in the minutes for privacy reasons, but can be seen by members  by looking in the accounts book.

Election of Committee

The following were elected to the committee.

President          – Gaynor Hall          Proposed by Stuart Tilley , seconded by Gabriele Schwarz

Vice President  — Uta Kustner         Proposed by Sheila Walker , seconded by Gary Winchester

Secretary          — Sheila Walker     Proposed by Rainer Schiefner, seconded by Wolfgang Schwarz

Treasurer          — Norbert Dresher   Proposed by Sheila Walker , seconded by Bob G-Williams

Vocal   1            — Alison Manhood   Proposed by Uta Kustner , seconded by Dieter Miloschitsch

Vocal   2            — Siegfried  Ferckel Proposed by Stuart Tilley , seconded by Mike Rhodes

New Venue for Meetings

Gaynor then asked all members to vote on the Club meeting venue.

The options were
1  Stay in International Marina,
2  El National in Punta Prima, Or
3  Bar Los Angeles in La Loma

There was a unanimous vote for – El National.

Gaynor stated that she will give notice to International Marina in December and we will start in  El National in January 2020.

There was no  – Any other Business

Sheila Walker  (new secretary)  then lead a vote of Thanks to Gaynor for all her work over the last year.

The AGM was the closed and a 10 minute break was had before resuming with normal monthly meeting with guests and partners included.


Gaynor  reported the latest information.

N332 update  information. –

There were no traffic updates as the Guardia Civil were busy dealing with the flood damage.

Eddie, who lives in Algorfa, had his car badly damaged in the flood and is waiting to see about insurance. Luckily his property was not damaged.

New member Chantal who lives in Jacarilla, was flooded and was unable to come to the Treasure Hunt as the roads were still flooded.

Past Events

The Treasure Hunt had 6 cars trying to find the clues !!!  Much of this had been done by memory from UK by Roger and Beryl.

16 came to a very good lunch.

The winners were

Mike and Anna who got a bottle of Cava.

The last place was Ilsa and Dieter who won the wooden spoon.

The event was enjoyed by all participants and thanks to Roger and Beryl for organising.

Future Events

Saturday 5th October 
Classic Cars in San Miguel De Salinas.
Meet at La Fortaleza at 10am to leave in convoy at 10.30am.
Cost 5 euros per car which includes a sandwich, 2 drinks and a raffle ticket.
At the moment there are 9 cars attending.

Saturday 19th October
Anniversary Dinner.
To be held at Restaurant Cabo Roig.  Meet at 7.30pm to be seated for 8pm.
Cost 23 euros to include tip.
Shared starter. Choice of main course. The list is sitting on Gaynor’s dining table !!  There will be music and dancing.
11th October last time to let Gaynor know.
Trophies held by,
Gerry.   Best Serving Member.
Uta.   Friendship.
Joley. Smiler.
To be given to Gaynor at the dinner with the names of the next recipients.

Sunday 10th November.

Visit to Car Museum at Redovan, organised by Wolfgang and Dieter.
This is a private museum and includes cars, bikes and house hold items.
Meet at Hotel Lo Monte at 10.30 am to leave at 11am. There is no entrance fee but the Club will make a donation.
Lunch will be 15 euros, details later.

Sunday 15th December,
lunch at Rendezvous 2pm.
Details at the next meeting.

Those wishing to do a Secret Santa email the club before the end of October. Names of those taking part will be picked out at the November meeting. 5 euros gift maximum.

Saturday 28th December.
Mini golf booked.
More details at the next meeting.

If wives also drive in the driving tests there will be a separate trophy for them.  

Any Other Business

Happy Birthday to Ilsa..

The Meeting closed at 20.55.