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Wednesday 7th August 7.30pm

Cafetería Marina Club,

Deportes Internacional Marina, Torrevieja

Gaynor opened the meeting at 19.35 pm and greeted the 27 members attending ,  and 1 guest.
Apologies received from   –  Mo, Jos,, John L ,  Margaret & Ernie, Joely & Keith, Peter R,  and Sharon


Gaynor reported the latest information.
The toll on the AP7 North of Torrevieja will cease at the end of the year.
The Toll South of Torrevieja (Montesinos & La Zenia) is contrated to 2028,
But the Mayor and Business community are trying to get it reduced for residents.

N332 update  information. –

There is another new speed cameras installed at the Salinas on the N332 near Park of Nations.

Past Events

Thanks go to  Gaynor for organising the Curry last month.
30 Members met at The Punjabi Palace in Los Montesinos
It was good to see Mo attend and Keith & Sue returned for the day.
Great food and a very enjoyable afternoon.

Future Events

Saturday 17th August – Cool Run to Hondon Valley organised by Alison & Gerry.
Meet at Spanglish Bar at 17.30. Depart at 18.00.
The meal in restaurant ‘Tipsy Terrace’ is 16 euros per person for a three course meal including wine/beer & tip.
6 rooms have been booked at the local hotel .  Please check in before the meal.
Notify the club e-mail or Gerry by the 11th August – if you are attending.

September  – Roger and Beryl are organising a Treasure Hunt with cars departing at 5 minute intervals.
Meet at Fortanaza at 10.30 ,   More details at next meeting.

Saturday the 19th October – Anniversary Dinner.  (New date & venue)
To be held at 20.00 in   Restaurant Cabo Roig. And includes music and Dancing.
The 3 course meal with wine/beer is 22 euros per person.

Sunday 10th November – Dieter and Wolfgang are organising a trip to a car/bike museum.  More details to follow.

Sunday the 15th December  – Xmas Party.
Now booked for  15.00 at The Rondevous,  Meet at 14.00 for Cava and Canapes.
Vote on whether to have a ‘Secret Santa’ gift per person, next meeting.
The 3 course meal is 21 euros per person, but the club will subsidise members by 10 euros.

Saturday the 28th December – Inocentes Day – Usual Driving Skills test.  Details to follow.

Financial Update.

Norbet reported the current balance of account, and stated that the books were available for any member   to view if they wanted.

Any Other Business Gaynor requested nominations for next year’s committee to be submitted by next meeting.

A trip around Cartagena harbour on a catamaran has been suggested for next June/July, cost about 26 euros per head, take your own lunch but buy drinks. General response was good , so more research needed.

John reported that the ‘Members Cars’ page on the club web-site has been updated with 25 cars plus tech. Specs.
A couple of cars are missing, so please check your entry on the page and let him know any changes.

Lastly Gaynor has checked out the rules re the Club’s meeting place.

The rules are –  It must be in Torrevieja, and preferably have sufficient free parking,
And a free room big enough for 30 or so people.
A short list of venues will be included in the AGM agenda for members to vote on.
If anyone knows of suitable venues please submit to the club email by next meeting.

The Meeting closed at 20.20.

Wednesday 3rd July 7.30pm

Gaynor opened the meeting at 7.45 pm and greeted the 24 members attending , and 3 guests.
Apologies received from – Mo, Eddy & Janet, Gary & Jos, Jean & Frank, Keith & Sue, John L and Margaret York.


Gaynor welcomed Uta back after her operation and wished her the best.
Also mentioned that Jean had had a heart attack, but was recovering well.
All the members wished her a speedy recovery.

N332 update information. –
If you loose your car log book or it is stolen, you can now get a provision one from the Post Office.
There are new speed cameras installed near La Zenia.
All mobile police vehicles (including motorcycles) now carry radar for speed checks, cameras to check seat belt and
mobile phone use, plus alcohol detection equipment.
The police warned of a FAKE e-mail with Traffico logo , referring to 1,500 euro fines. DO NOT OPEN.

Past Events

Thanks go to John and Gaynor for organising the BBQ and rally.
12 cars attended the rally (only one got lost) and 32 people the BBQ at El Rancho.
The event was such a success that the view was that it should be an annual event.
Only 2 members went swimming – more next year.

Future Events

Wednesday 24th July – 13.30 Curry session at the Punjabi Palace, there is no rally so please meet at the restaurant in Los Montesinos. The set menu is 9.95 euros , so we will collect 11 euos per person to cover a tip. The price includes poppadum, choice of chicken or lamb main, choice of rice or nann, followed by ice cream or mango, plus one drink.
Notify Gaynor by the 15th July if you wish to attend.

Saturday 17th August – Cool Run to Hondon organised by Alison & Gerry. Meet at Spanglish Bar at 17.30. The meal is 16 euros per person for a three course meal including tip.
There is a local hotel available if you wish to stay (7 double and 1 single rooms) contact Marina on 685749646, if you wish to reserve a room.
September – Roger and Beryl are organising a Treasure Hunt – Details at next meeting.
Sunday the 20th October – Anniversary Dinner. Planned to be at 20.00 restaurant Rio Seco in Pinar Campoverde. To be confirmed.
November – Dieter and Wolfgang have offered to organise an event.
Sunday the 15th December – Xmas Party. Trying to organise an event at The Rondevous, Checking availability. It was suggested that we have a ‘Secret Santa’ gift per person.
Saturday the 28th December – Inocentes Day – Usual Driving Skills test. Details to follow.

Any Other Business

Gaynor has received a request for a Classic Car to drive the bride at a wedding on the 16th November. Volunteers please contact Gaynor.

Members Car Technical Spec. for web-site. John has only received 7 completed spec’s. there are 24 members cars on the web-site, please send details to John if you have not done so.

John has confirmed he is resigning as Secretary from October, so a volunteer is needed, a.s.a.p..
Gaynor, Norbert and Uta plus the vocals are all willing to continue on the committee next year.
So there is only one new committee member needed, please put your name forward next meeting.

The Meeting closed at 20.20.

Wednesday 5th June 7.30pm

Gaynor opened the meeting at 7.40 pm and greeted the 25 members attending , and 1 guests.
Apologies received from – Jean & Frank, Joely & Keith, John L and Uta.


Gaynor updated all on the recent information. –
The only information from N332 is that La Guardia are completing Alcohol tests this week.
There was also a warning that you should not drive in Flip Flops.

Past Events

The run to Santa Pola – Light House caused some confusion last month, ending in 3 groups of cars not sure where they were going. All 33 people managed to get to Paco’s for a very enjoyable lunch. Thanks go to Norbert and Uta for organising the event.

Future Events

Sunday the 23rd June – BBQ at El Rancho – Meet at Spanglish Bar at 13.30, short drive to restaurant by 15.00.
Total cost 17 euros per person to include a starter, BBQ chicken & sausage with pobre potatoes, a desert and 1 drink. Members to be sponsored by the club (10 euros). The large pool will also be available to those wanting a dip. Notify Gaynor or the club e-mail by 16th June , if you wish to attend.
Wednesday 24th July – 14.00 Curry session at the Punjabi Palace.
Saturday 17th August – Cool Run to Hondon organised by Alison & Gerry. Meet at Spanglish Bar at 17.30. The meal is 16 euros per person for a three course meal including tip.
A volunteer is needed for September
20th October – Anniversary Dinner. Details to come..

Any Other Business

We have not had any details from Reach Out, Charity Day on Friday the 21st June, So assume we are not required.

Members Car description. Rune has suggested a standard description of our cars for the web-site, which was agreed by all. JW to attach a form to news letter.

A classic RHD – Triumph Van is for sale – details contact Gaynor.

For future rallies – it is suggested an address of Restaurant or GPS location be added to the rally instructions.
To prevent future people getting lost.

The Meeting closed at 20.00.