What is a Classic

What is a Classic ?

Classic Car – is a widely used but poorly understood term. Old cars are classics.

There are many definitions which vary from country to country and vary between Insurance and Taxation companies and Private Clubs. For example Insurance companies in the UK consider 20 years or more as Classic, in the USA it is 15 years. UK tax authorities have a threshold of 15 years.

However in Spain the authorities have specified – 30 years is now the required age.

Therefore for the purposes of our club we have defined ‘Classics’ as 30 years or more.

Specialists Cars –

Cars with an interesting history, even if quite modern, are certainly collectable.
For instance rare or limited edition models , or ones with unique extras.

Cars that are considered in this context are the ‘Specialists’ in the club.

Vintage Cars

One thing that is clearly defined is ‘Vintage’ –

Which is cars manufactured between the beginning of 1919 to the end of 1930.